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What is Progressive Education?

Watch the Book Trailers by Group 4 students (7th and 8th grade).

NCCL (Newark Center for Creative Learning) is an independent, progressive elementary and middle school with an enrollment of 80 students, kindergarten through 8th grade. Small multi-age classes are led by expert teachers  (10:1 ratio). Graduates leave as creative problem-solvers prepared to thrive in our complex, 21st-century world.

Structured K-8 curriculum includes: mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, science,  Spanish, music, art, physical education, and full recess for all ages.

Our Mission is to provide a rich academic foundation while fostering confident thinkers and igniting the passion for learning that is within each child.

We Emphasize:

  • Guided, cooperative learning
  • Social and emotional skills such as inclusion, empathy, kindness and diversity
  • Connections across academics, such as math with history
  • Inquiry-based projects, short and long term
  • Positive discipline
  • Environmental sustainability

Our Philosophy is that children learn best when:

  • They are actively involved.
  • They use all of their senses to discuss, debate, explore, investigate, create, and gather their own information.
  • They study subjects in depth rather than in broad overviews, bringing in information and concepts from related areas.
  • They are interested in the topic, are challenged but not frustrated, and are having fun.

Our Curriculum is designed to:

  • Rely on non-competitive assessments, not standardized testing.
  • Be child centered.
  • Be developmentally appropriate.
  • Teach key concepts and skills, academic and social.
  • Include open-ended learning experiences which have many solutions to one problem.
  • Be integrated.
  • Respond to children’s needs and interests.

Interested in learning more about NCCL? Come visit us dur

ing one of our open houses or schedule an individual visit at 302 368-7772 or office@ncclschool.com.


Alumni Families Reunion

January 20, 2017

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out for our 1st Annual NCCL Alumni Reunion!!! So much happiness, so many gnomes! Just like old times. It was lovely to see everyone and catch up on their lives!

NCCL students raise $3,821 for Water is Life Kenya

February 7, 2016

Read the article in the Newark Post. http://www.newarkpostonline.com/news/article_6c304498-7477-53dd-b110-ea9497fbbed1.html

Water Walk for Water is Life – Kenya

November 10, 2015

The Water Walk for Water is Life – Kenya is Wednesday, November 18 at 1 pm. NCCL kids are trying to raise enough money to purchase 2 water tanks. The average distance that women and girls walk for water each day is 12.8 kilometers round trip. This keeps many girls from getting an education. Water tanks store 260 gallons of (continue reading)

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