Boone to Clarke

Erica Boone is studying at the University of Oregon. She has a double major of English and Math. She plays the piano and violin.

Josh Bostick (Class of 2010) is attending Sanford.

Helen Boyer is attending American University majoring in political science, women, gender and sexuality studies.

Ryan Boyle (Class of 2009) I’ve been at NCCL for only one year – unfortunately. It would be nice if I was able to stay for maybe another.This school is a lot of fun and I can relate to the people very well. However, going to high school at West Nottingham Academy will be exciting. Of all the good times that I have had at this school, the best time was probably going to Kate’s house. It was warm, sunny and a great time – even though I got hurt a few times, it was fun getting hurt. This school has taught me to be a nicer person, because honestly, I wasn’t very polite when I came here. So, it has been a bit like reform school, but a lot more fun and entertaining. This school has also made me able to pay attention more because Ray and Kate were constantly catching me getting off track and getting distracted, but turning it around. So, I have learned the normal academics that most kids would, but I’ve also learned to be more perceptive and a nicer person. I feel somewhat in debt to NCCL and it will remain as a fond memory in the front of my mind once I leave.

Jeanne Braun Velonis works as engineer/assistant to a classical music producer in NY. She and her husband have 3 kids and live just north of the city in a little old town called Dobbs Ferry. She says, “All is going well for us. Incidentally, whenever we visit my parents in Newark, my kids always insist on going to the playground at NCCL. I think they get a kick out of visiting the outside of mommy’s old school.” (Jeanne graduated from Haverford College with a degree in Music. She has recorded for the Spoleto USA/Piccolo Spoleto for SC Public Radio twice and the Marlboro Music Festival. She has also edited records of Franny Mendelssohn-Hensel and Steve Reich. She currently (2004) works for classical producer Judith Sherman in NYC, recording, editing, and mastering quite a lot of chamber music, both “classical” and new. Jeanne and her husband have “three mischievous children.” She dances with an English Longsword team called Six-in-Hand, quilts, and “folds laundry.”)

Jeff’on Brickhouse (Class of 2009) I have been at NCCL for three years. My favorite projects, trips and special activities include, the camping trips, workshop week, the trips to Washington DC and apprenticing. What I’ll miss most about NCCL are my friends and all the fun we had. Next year I will be attending Middletown High School. I’m really looking forward to a larger school and class sizes. While at NCCL, I’ve learned more about friendships and accepting others!

Ezra Brooks (NCCL Class of 2010) is attending John Dickinson High School’s STEM Academy, focusing on Robotics and Engineering. He is in the National Honor Society and the Dickinson Singers. Following his passion for computers, he attended the Drexel University Computing Academy, an intensive, residential summer program for high school students. Looking ahead to college, he plans to major in Computer Science with an emphasis on Game Design & Development.

Slugger Brower lives with his wife and two children. He works for Chrysler and is still building his own home.

Francene Brower is a distribution planner for DuPont. She is doing a lot of traveling, especially to Singapore. She was married in December 1999.

Grace Brown Hernandez (NCCL class of 1982) says, “I am still working as a physical therapy at St. Joseph’s hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County. This summer (2007) I will be going back to my part time job at a therapeutic riding center. I have 2 children. My son, Dominic is almost 7 and in 1st grade. My daughter, Olivia, is 4 and in preschool. We are down to one dog, Maggie. We live with my mom, the famous Ann Brown. Life is good out here and we are all enjoying living in Southern California. We all were back in Delaware 2 years ago for my 20th high school reunion; I swear I am not that old. Anyway, we stopped by NCCL, how it has changed. For all those alumni who remember the original building, funny looking teachers and crazy classes we had; hope your children can have as memorable childhood experiences as we had in those good old days.” (Grace is married and has a son, born in July 2001, and a baby girl born in January 2004. They have recently moved to a house with a mother-in-law wing for Grandma Ann and are busy with renovations. After three months maternity leave, Grace returned to work as a physical therapist, specializing in hemophilia patients, working with adults after orthopedic surgery and therapeutic horseback riding. Her husband is in the Navy reserves.)

Krissy Brown sold her house in Newark and bought a condo in Orange County near sister Grace and Mom, Ann. She is happy to be so close to her nephews and nieces. (Krissy returns each year to visit her birth family in Vietnam. She presented an art show and sale of lacquerware paintings from Vietnam in Newark. She has also organized a project involving an international business using indigenous artifacts and clothing for women. She volunteered four afternoons a week at NCCL for the 2001/02 school year and was previously the director of the extended care program.)

Nathan (Brown) Carlin now has a son, Dylan Thomas, born Dec. 11. He still lives in Carlsbad with wife Michelle and daughter, Sophia, 2 ½. He works at Rockstar, a computer game company. (Nathan married Michelle Carlin in 2003 at a winery in California. They honeymooned in Tahiti. He has finished his PhD. in physics and works at a new company, Angel Graphics, doing physics programming in computer games. He is also developing 3-D graphics for computer games. He frequently plays pick-up football games with Oren Klaff, and has two cats. Nathan recently finished remodeling his new house, and is now into outrigger canoe racing.)

John Brown (NCCL class of 2001) graduated from St. Mark’s High School with honors and received the outstanding athletic award in Golf. He is attending Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC, majoring in Business Administration along with the Professional Golf Management program. The college selects only 100 students nationwide for this program. John received a Merit Scholarship as well as a joint scholarship with John from EDIS.

Joseph Brown (NCCL class of 2001) graduated from St. Mark’s High School with honors and received the outstanding athletic award in Golf. He is attending Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC, majoring in Business Administration along with the Professional Golf Management program. The college selects only 100 students nationwide for this program. Joe received a Presidential Scholarship as well as a joint scholarship with John from EDIS.

e brymer

Emily’s digital self portrait
in the style of R. Crumb.

Emily Brymer (Class of 2009) I’m a 2013 graduate of Campus Community High School (in Dover, DE), where I was a member of the National Honor Society, a senior class officer, and class Salutatorian. I will be attending the University of Delaware in the fall of 2013 as an Art major. I have been pursuing my interest in art since my days at NCCL and during high school I studied art at the Delaware College of Art Design, Wesley College, and the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. I am a Silver Key recipient of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and a member of the Newark Arts Alliance. Currently I’m working on a graphic novel about a group of friends in the 1960s. NCCL helped me think of myself as an artist from a very early age.

Molly Brymer (NCCL class of 2014) will be attending Newark High School.  Molly says about NCCL “I have met many wonderful people here, and have had the most amazing teachers. At NCCL I developed a passion for reading and have read more books here in the past year and a half than in my whole life.  Next year I’m going to be going to Newark High School. It’ll be a huge change, and I can’t really believe that it’s happening already, but I feel a lot more prepared for it thanks to NCCL.”

Devin Burns Horzempa (NCCL class of 2002) is attending Wilmington Friends School.

Kaelyn Burns (Class of 2009) This is my third year at NCCL, but it feels like so much longer. One of the best projects I did at NCCL was the Grad Project. I did my project on scoliosis. I chose this topic because I have scoliosis. When I started this project I didn’t know much about it, but now I feel like I know everything I need to know. I’ll miss NCCL because I’ve made so many friends here and I’ll miss them all so much; it’s like we’ve become a big family. Next year I will be going to Newark High School and I’m very excited. I think what I’ll most like about high school is that it’s bigger and there will be a lot of new people. Even though I like NCCL’s small family feeling, I think I’m ready for a change. From my time at NCCL I’ve learned that you should never be scared to ask a question or for help because the teachers are there to help you. I really appreciate all my time at NCCL and I think that I’ll really miss it.

Trevor Buttrey (Class of 2005) is attending the University of Delaware majoring in computer science and Japanese. (Previously – Trevor says, “I will be starting my senior year at Layton this fall. Being the procrastinator that I am, I haven’t started looking at colleges yet but I need to do that soon. I have gotten to do a lot of traveling the past few years. We went to India last year and Japan this year. Hopefully I will be going to Nigeria this summer. At Layton, I am in the Games Club and also participated in Cross Country and Fencing. I am still interested in math, science and computers and hope to do something in one of these fields. I really miss NCCL and all of the people there.”)

Alex Carnes is attending Delaware Technical & Community College.

John Carver and his wife Jody had a baby girl in February 2002. Her two older brothers are adjusting well to all of the pink. Their younger son attends a parent cooperative school where John gets to help out in the classroom…and so the cycle repeats. They still live in Arizona at the foot of the mountains where havelina and coyotes are regular visitors. John has been working on a documentary about Navajo weavers.

John Chamberlain graduated from Newark High (2009) as class validictorian.

Chris Charles is working at a Ford Dealership. He bought a house two years ago and is getting married in February 2000.

Julia Cheng (Class of 2006) attended Independence School before moving to Oxford, Mississippi. She lived in Columbus, MS where the public boarding school, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is. After graduation she moved to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth. (After I left NCCL, I attended the Independence School (the polar opposite of NCCL) and then after 5th, 6th, and 7th grades there, my family moved to Mississippi, which is home. For the past two school years I’ve actually lived in Columbus where the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is. It’s a public boarding school that I will be graduating from in 18 days (2006)! In the fall I’m attending Dartmouth College and will be moving up to New Hampshire. Though it seems like I’ve been jumping all over the place, Mississippi really is home to me. Still, NCCL had a big impact on my life too and I wanted to thank you. I honestly attribute a lot of my personality and weirdness to growing up in the NCCL atmosphere. There’s also little things that have been significant, like I’ve never been afraid of snakes because NCCL had Lampro. And…I mean, come on, you guys encouraged me to be an alien, where else could I have gotten that? Nowhere.)

Saryu Chennat, Cab Calloway 11th grader (2013),  won first place in Delaware Theatre Company’s 2014 Young Playwrights Festival for her play “The Diner”. Last year Saryu was a finalist for her play “Lakeside View”. Saryu got her play writing start as an 8th grader at NCCL with her play “Intolerance and Judgement”. Click on the link to hear a short interview that Saryu did with WDEL about play writing. Saryu’s mother says – We are so grateful to NCCL and to your wonderful teachers for nurturing her writing talent! This is one of the many things that make this a great school!

Phillip Christensen-Ames is the manager of two pizza shops.

Robert Clarke graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in entomology and works at the College of Marine Biology Department at UD. His passions are surfing, photography and anything outdoors.