Clinch to Farriss

Anna Clinch (class of 2006) is attending Indiana University for a BFA in printmaking. (Previously – Anna is currently attending Burris Laboratory High School where she is a hurdler on the track team and plays the violin in the school orchestra. She also takes Japanese.)

Carol Cogswell Fleck is currently finishing her graduate degree in school counseling. She was married in 1994 to Alan Fleck, and last year, on tax day, gave birth to son Theodore. As she reflects back on her life, she realizes what a positive impact NCCL had on her. She thinks the most important thing she learned was to think for herself, and for that she is grateful to Ann and the other teachers who helped her, Mary, Betsey, Jean (who taught sewing), Ray, and especially Marilynn who helped her explore her creativity.

Matthew Cohen is at the University of Florida PhD program in neuropsychology. He graduated from the University of Delaware. (Previously – Matt is an honor roll student at the Charter School of Wilmington. He was one of the top 25 sophomores in Social Science, so he went on a trip to Washington D.C. sponsored by the Rotary Club. He was honored as a Rising Star for academic excellence during his freshman year. Matt played soccer for Charter this past fall and was co-captain of the Junior Varsity team. He is also involved in various cubs, including peer leaders, Amnesty International, newspaper, and debate club. Recently he was picked as one of ten Charter School students to be interviewed by Channel 7 News about the September 11th attacks. In his free time (“which is not a large amount of time”), he enjoys reading, visiting friends, watching movies, and doing community theater. Last spring, he did The Zooand Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer with the Ardensingers, and plans to doYeoman of the Guard with them this spring.

Ben Connor (Class of 1991) Ben graduated from Salesianum in 1995 and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1997. In his travels Ben has been to Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, East Timor, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Djibouti, Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In 2001 Ben was selected to lead a security detachment of Marines and sailors while conducting Humanitarian Assistance Operations in East Timor. Ben Deployed to Iraq three times; 2003, 2004, and 2006. In 2006 he accepted an assignment as an instructor at the new Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Marine Special Operations School (MSOS) when the unit was first standing up. In 2008 Ben moved into the field of military intelligence. Since 2008 he has deployed to Afghanistan twice, Haiti in support of disaster relief operations, and Djibouti. In 2006 a book was released telling the story of Ben and his rifle squads actions during the 2004 battle for Fallujah, Iraq. Ben has received numerous awards for valor, leadership, and has completed several professional development courses. Ben is currently working towards earning a degree in Intelligence Studies with a concentration in Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict, with a certificate in Terrorism Studies, and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies from American Military University. When he does find some time off Ben enjoys playing his guitar, lounging around the house in a Grateful Dead t-shirt, and spending time with his wife Angela and his two children James and Shannon.

Zach Constable is at Goldey-Beacom College.

Andrea Corbett is a sophomore at Wilmington Friend’s School. She was a delegate in France for People to People and a cadet at the Space Academy at UD.

Chris Cornell graduated from Haverford, May 2001 with a degree in Biology. While at Haverford he spent his junior year in France. In his spare time he was on the lacrosse team and played guitar with a punk music group. After graduation he worked in construction and performed with his band Gibbons. Chris has now moved to San Francisco to perform and find work in the biology field.

Chris Cotter is attending New York Law School (Previously – Chris is an Associate Account Manager at Burson Marsteller’s interactive division in NYC. He lives in Hoboken, NM and will be starting law school at New York Law. Chris graduated from Kennett High School where he was active in the choral and jazz band and played hockey. He graduated from the University of Delaware in 2004 with a B.A. in International Relations.)

Kelley Cotter (Class of 2000) graduated from Drexel University with a Masters in Library Science. She currently works in the library there. (Previously Kelley is at Temple University where she is an English/creative writing and Spanish major. She tutors students at the school’s Creative Writing Center. She will be studying in Spain and traveling in Europe this summer. Kelley was inducted to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior.) (Kelly graduated from Kennett High School where she was in the musical A Secret Garden and played volleyball. She made the Distinguished Honor Roll her first semester. She is currently (2004) attending Temple University Honors College. Her college application included an essay on NCCL.)

Brenna Crowther (Class of 2002) is at the University of Delaware majoring in in fashion merchandising management. She has been working at Bloom on Main Street in Newark for the past year. (Brenna is attending Newark High School. Brenna likes to read, play volleyball and listen to music in her spare time. She made the NHS Women’s Tennis Team and won most of the doubles exhibition games that she played. She went to Orlando with the NHS Chorus and sang in a statewide competition which placed 6th nationwide. She will be working with Debbie Hegedus, NCCL’s art teacher, at Camp this summer (2004) as an art assistant. The Shaver’s Creek camping trip will hold a special memory for Brenna. She says, “I think the graduating class, and the rest of the class as well, learned great team building skills at Shaver’s Creek. We learned not just to memorize things but to ask questions and understand things, and why they work.”)

Christina Cruz is attending the University of Delaware majoring in Spanish and psychology.

Jennifer Curtis (Class of 1976) runs her own business ( and specializes in managing projects that develop and foster tools for sustainable agriculture. She is married and has a daughter. They live close to many in the Granda family and, in fact, the children are being raised as cousins. Jennifer enjoys traveling, yoga, gardening, and sharing meals with friends and family. She completed a graduate program at the University of North Carolina.

Matthew Curtis was in the April 1995 issue of Philadelphia Magazine as one of the up and coming 30-year-olds and under in the city! He and his wife Amy are the proud parents of a daughter, who was born in October 1999. He is director of Public Interest Graphics, a company that does nation-wide advertising for non-profit groups.

Meg Curtis is married and and is expecting a baby boy in February 2002. She has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania as a nurse-midwife, has passed the boards and is beginning a job in a hospital in New Jersey. She has had a paper published in the Journal of Nursing.

Jasmine Cutter (Class of 2005) is attending Carleton College in MN. She plays soccer, frisbee, and ice hockey. She loves college, but hasn’t decided on a major yet. She will be working in the school’s arboretum this summer (2010) learning how to chain saw. Jasmine graduated from the International Baccalaureate Programme at Mt. Pleasant High School.

Kai Daniel is attending the College of Wooster.

Williem (Will) Daniel (Class of 2003) is attending Newark High School. What he’ll remember most about NCCL is “the people I met here, and I think that I will be able to keep in touch with most of them.”

Doren Day Tenerowicz married David Tenerowicz in 1988. They have a daughter, Hanna Grace who was born in October 1993 and is a “joy”. She and David both teach Tai Chi and planned a fall move to Colorado.

Colin Dentel-Post graduated from Cornell University and was working in regional planning.(Colin is attending the Charter School of Wilmington. He is literally burning up the track and was named Most Valuable Player for the school! He was also honored for having the highest cumulative average among all of the athletes at Charter.)

Aaron Dentel-Post (Class of 2002) is attending Newark High School. Aaron’s favorite subjects are writing, art and science. Highlights of his years at NCCL include the camping trips and the apprenticeship experience because these are not offered in public schools.

Carol Dilley (Class of 1975) is Director of Dance at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Carol is still performing and choreographing and has some works posted on youtube She and her partner John Casey have been together for 25 years now in NY, Spain and Australia and back to NY/Maine.

Kathryn Dilley Maycock says, “I am busy with my 3 increasingly tall sons. We are proceeding with our 2nd degree Black belts in Karate. My husband Sid (a Chiropractor) likes to say that the oldest will somehow end up entertaining millions, the middle one will be a professional athlete, and the youngest one will be a pimp (he is always looking for a good time). I left the airline business after 22 years when things just got too insane. Now, every day I can say “Thank God I’m not at the airport anymore!” I trained as an EMT in order to get a job in county emergency management as a 911 dispatcher for fire and ambulance. I like the job, but the emergency management people are a whole different breed. The job also reimburses for school, so I am finally in college. Better late than never, I always say, and my parents have been very patient.”

Lindsey Downes graduated from James Madison University with a major in hospitality & tourism management and business administration. (Previously – She is attending Newark High School, where she is an Honor Roll student and a cheerleader. She is also a member of the school chorus which recently performed at Disney World. Lindsey continues to enjoy dancing and riding.

Brendan Duff: I have gone to NCCL for eight years. I have many fond memories from when I visited as a kindergartener, to the present.  In Group 1, I remember playing outside during recess. I remember playing Don’t Touch the Ground Tag, Jailbreak with Joe, and a game balancing on the board under the climber in the fenced in area. 100 Day was a big event. I also remember the play, Pirates of Penzance (2008), and Ruddigore (2009). In Pirates I had a single line. On one of the nights I forgot it, so Colin Adams-Toomey had to say it for me. Missing one line is a big deal when it is your only line.  I still have my Tree Book from Group 2. I enjoyed studying trees. I remember we walked to the UD Arboretum. In Group 3 I was Sean’s prime target for his jokes. During the DC trip, in 6th grade, he made up a song about birds attacking me. Another time, I was sitting in a chair at a computer during writing class he came up behind me and hummed while whistling. The noise it made sounds like a stereotypical alien abduction noise. The Silk Road role play was fun. I made a Segway using Erector Set pieces for the Europe group. The camping trips were exciting. Group 4 has been a great two years. I had fun at Trap Pond and Shaver’s Creek. Ruddigore (2015) was my 13th and last play at NCCL. Since my first play in Group 1, I have asked Colin to tell a story called the purple man story to the cast at every play. Apprenticing at California Tortilla and Caffé Gelato were great job experiences. I learned how to be a good employee and I am interested in getting a job in the summer of 2016.

I am going to Avon Grove High School next year. I am looking forward to a bigger school. I am going to try out to play soccer for the school team. I am hoping to take a computer programming elective as a prerequisite so that I can take a more complicated programming class next year. I am taking two math classes: Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry, which I am also looking forward to.

I am going to miss NCCL. I’ll miss the teachers, seeing my friends every day, the sense of community, and everything. The play, the camping trips, the building, and the class structure. NCCL has made me who I am today.  I will take everything I’ve learned with me into high school. I have become more confident, kind, and empathic. I have improved my time management skills. Thank you everyone for the fantastic experience. Farewell.

Drake Dwornik graduated from Newark High in June 1999.

Beth Egan Scarpulla has been living in CA since 2000. She currently works for Johnson & Johnson (2009). She has 2 boys, Zach (3.5) and Jake (1.5). For fun,she is running (planning to run her 4th marathon in Dec 2009), biking and playing roller hockey.

Juliette Enright Fiechtner(Class of 1988) moved to Arizona in 1994 and traveled through Europe and Central America over 6 years. She married a US Air Force Captain Matthew Flechtner in 2006 and is expecting her first child. She opened her Salon in 2005 located directly across from the University of Arizona.

Nathan Fariss graduated with honors from Rising Sun High School in 1996. He then attended the Kansas City Art Institute, first as a photo major, then shifting into computer graphics and video. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in May of 2000, from KCAI, and received the Honorable Mention (2nd place) in the BFA show there for a film/animation piece he completed his senior year. He now works at a small production house in Kansas City (, doing 3D animation and special effects for broadcast TV as well as sports animation for stadiums. Aside from work he keeps busy with a bit of photography, as well as various musical “tinkerings” which mostly involve turntables and his computers.