Ferriola to Gross

Shawn Ferriola is a senior in high school. He has been doing well academically and has tutored other students in all subjects.

Gina Ferriola came back to NCCL in June 1999 to join her graduating class and take part in the ceremony. It was wonderful to see her and everyone was touched by her return.

Mark Fetterman (Class of 1985) My wife, Sarah, and I have been living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since 2007. I work as a prosecutor in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, where I am assigned to the office’s Major Crimes Unit. We have three sons. Eric will turn four in May, and our twin boys, Alexander and Colin, were born last August. I have great memories of my years at NCCL!

Daniel Fischer lived in New York doing TV and print work. He appeared on Law and Order on May 17, 1995. Daniel left the acting business and went to graduate school at the University of Wyoming (“Hey, it was free-I had a teaching assistantship.”). He received a M.A. in Communication in 1996. He then moved to Orlando and received his MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College in 1998. He know owns “Dance N Duds” which does screen printing, embroidery and cut vinyl. He has nothing but good memories of NCCL.

Dylan Flexner (Class of 2004) Dylan is a rising Junior (2010) at Juniata college majoring in humanities and artistic exploration. He is studying abroad in The Gambia during my spring semester (2010) and over the summer will be working at The ARC of Chester County doing recreation and life skills with special needs children and adults.

Danile Forsythe graduated with honors from Wilmington Friends School.

Gennie Francis is attending Salisbury University.

Tesher Freng (NCCL Class of 2014)  Tesher will be going to Stephen Decatur in Berlin, MD.  Tesher says “One thing that I will take away from going to NCCL is that if you always work hard, you can do anything.  Now that I have finished Group 4, I feel like I have come to terms with myself and who I am. Two important things that Group 4 has done for me is tested my social skills and taught me how to put up a tent.”

Jessica Friend graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in August 1994 with a major in Psychology. She spent her junior year in Italy and a month after graduation traveling in Europe. She works for Arthur Anderson making economic forecasts. She is moving to Syracuse and hopes to attend graduate school in Education.

Anna Galati (Class of 2004): Anna graduated from the Catholic University of America Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. She will relocate to New York City in July to begin a career in banking. I have been able to be myself—as crazy as that might be—whenever I want. I have been accepted for who I am. I know that people can like me for who I am, and I will not change myself drastically to please others.

Rebecca Gao

I’ve been at NCCL for five years. Even though I haven’t been here as long as some people, It feels like I’ve been here forever.

I have so many memories of of NCCL! My first memory, my favorite one, was on my visiting day. I remember everyone was running to the door and being so welcoming and nice. I remember seeing a few familiar faces and I already thinking: “I love this school!” I feel just that in one day, I got more love and kindness than I got all three years at my old school. Another memory I have was when a lot of people and I were playing with balloons and we were drawing faces on them and throwing them at each other. Another memory I have is when everyone was in the cave at Shaver’s Creek and we were going through a low area where the rocks were close to the water. Everyone was being supportive of each other and cheering them on. My favorite project I’ve down at NCCL is the Big Give. I loved helping kids with autism and it was a wonderful experience. I also loved doing the photo story in Group 3 because it was cool to tell a story and to illustrate it.

I’m going to Padua Academy for high school next year which is an all girls’ Catholic school. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing what a Catholic school is like. I’m also excited for all the classes and all the after school activities like drama and art.

Some things I will take to high school is to just be myself. I think one of my problems was before, I was too worried about what people thought of me. Now I know to focus on school instead of other people. I also know to expect very busy nights and hard classes. I also know to stay interested in school and to develop a good work ethic.

I’ve learned so much from NCCL that I know I will carry throughout high school and college and the rest of my life. I learned to always include people (let’s face it, I used to always exclude people because I just thought I was better than everyone). I think that I’ve learned to stay more interested in school. I’m still improving but I’m getting better and hopefully, those skills will become a lot better.  I will miss everyone at NCCL, but I’ll come back to visit whenever I can!

Christine Garnier (Class of 2003) is attending Padua Academy. Christine says that “NCCL has given me a good base in everything (including calculus), confidence in my abilities to do well, to work with other people, and enjoy learning!”

Andi Gates was married in California in the spring of 1998 and started her dissertation while her husband did his post-doc at Harvard. Her mother Jutta, former NCCL German and French teacher, traveled with Andi in the fall of 1999 while she did research in Austria, Denmark and Holland. Her degree will be in Political Science with a European emphasis.

Robert Gates and his wife are living in London. Robert works with Merrill-Lynch.

Drew Geckle (Class of 2002) is attending Antioch College (Previously – Drew is attending Cab Calloway School for the Arts. His favorite subjects at NCCL included Spanish, drama and writing. He enjoyed NCCL because of the smaller size classes and felt that he had a good start on Spanish for high school. The skills learned in his apprenticeship will also serve him well in future years. )

Ruth Gibbens is attending the New School.

Anita Gibson graduated from Tatnall and Yale. She studied architecture in Florence for a year, worked for the City of New York as an architect, and is now a computer specialist with a Wall Street company.

Wayne Gibson is a manager at Arthur Andersen’s in Washington, D.C. and was recently married. He has an MSW and has been working as a social worker with developmentally disabled adults and children. She is married to a wonderful man and their son is a year old. He is crawling, standing, and soon to be walking. “He is always smiling and loves to play!” She goes to the gym several times a week and socializes with folks when she can. She has volunteered at an animal shelter and as an AIDS educator and sang in a Barbershop choral group. Her husband continues to work hard at Visa, and is enjoying his acting classes and writing. “I hope all is well at NCCL-what a wonderful school!!”

Don Gordon has a lovely son, Django. He has been living in San Francisco for the past four years. As a marketing director, Don occasionally puts his creative side to good use – and for that he thanks his experiences at NCCL. He and his wife enjoy many of the local attractions, including strolling among the redwoods and partaking of the numerous taquerias (“cheap mexican eateries — literally, purveyors of tacos!”) He sends his regards to all fellow alums.

Jessica Gordon lives in San Francisco, is married and has a daughter, Misha. Her husband is doing stand up comedy and she is taking voice lessons.

Samantha Good (Class of 2010) is attending Glassgow High School.

Megan Granda Bahr lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, Farnum Brown, daughter Molly, son Mack Bahr and step daughter Madeleine Brown. She is executive director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She has a Ph.D. in art history. They live across the street from Jennie Curtis.

Chris Granda (Class of 1975) is married and has a daughter and a son. A number of his NCCL friends attended the wedding, including Carol Dilley all the way from Spain. He has his own environmental consulting company Ecos. He has many contracts with the World Bank, helping countries develop the use of alternative energy and be less dependent on fossil fuels. Chris attended Newark High School, Brown University, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Kaity Granda (Class of 1977) finds little time for dancing now that she is married and has a son. She works 3/4 time as a certified physician’s assistant. She lives near her sister, Megan Granda Bahr, and Jennifer Curtis, both NCCL grads, and also near her Mom, Betsey Granda, and Elisabeth Curtis who were both founding teachers at NCCL. Her husband who is an architect/carpenter gutted and renovated the house they bought two years ago.

Sam Green is working as an auto body restorer. He owns his own home and is the father of a six-year-old boy. He enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking, playing guitar and working with computers.

Shana Greenblatt is attending Elkton High School. She misses NCCL.

 Talia Greenblatt (Class of 2014). Talia will be attending Elkton High School. Talia says, ” What I love about NCCL is that we have fun while learning. I am going to miss Workshop Weeks, Greenfest, and all the field trips. Since I have been at NCCL, I’ve been in 13 plays and I am sad to leave it behind.”

Becky Gritz Kurson is married and has recently changed jobs. She left her position as book editor to become a free-lance book agent.

David Gross graduated from Hampshire College having studied music (saxophone). He lived in Newark for a year and volunteered at NCCL, teaching a class on jazz. He now works at a day care center and runs a Free Jazz venue called Zeitgeist. He also does a Free Jazz festival in October called Autumn Uprising now in its 4th year. He also has gone on tour.

Laura Gross Bandara (Class of 1988) is married and has a beautiful son, Kavindu Nathan Bandara. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture. (Laura graduated from Hampshire College in 1996. She spent her junior year studying at the University of Dakar in Senegal. After college she was a Rotary Foundation Scholar in Tanzania and South Africa and taught English at a Buddhist temple. She lived in Sri Lanka for a year and a half, where she worked as a Research Associate at the International Center for Ethnic Studies. She observed the elections in Sri Lanka in October 2000. She can now speak French, Sinhala, Swahili and Wolof. In 1999, she married a former teacher from Sri Lanka who will begin graduate school in the fall of 2001. She is currently working at the International Center for Jefferson Studies which is the “scholarly arm” of the museum complex of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Laura says, “It is a really great place, and Monticello offers all kinds of terrific educational programs on both the life and times of Thomas Jefferson and that of the members of the enslaved community who lived and worked at Monticello.” You can check it out atwww.monticello.org. She and her husband recently bought a house and will be moving in June 2001.)