Hall to Higgins

Joanna Hall graduated from Honors classes at Newark High, maintaining a cumulative average of over 3.75. She has completed her first year in Civil Engineering at Syracuse University. She has loved her math classes there thanks to Ray.

Daniel Halperin lived in Atlanta and did two terms of service with AmeriCorps. Since then he has started a non-profit traveling music festival to promote volunteerism. It is called the American Revolution Festival. He is attending Parson’s School of Design in Philadelphia where he is studying computer graphics. He is interested in cartooning and hoping to get his cartoons published.

Eric Hamilton is leaving teaching after seven years of teaching math to seventh graders. He is moving to Colorado and will be working with his wife’s uncle in Computer-aided Architectural design (CAD).

Tyler Hansen is a Junior at Newark High School.

Ryan Hamilton (Class of 2000) is attending Newark High School.

Ross Hanson attends the Charter School of Wilmington. He has started drawing again and misses Debbie’s art classes.

Emily Harding-Morick has begun a Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy. She is managing a life of art, gardening, enjoying friends and enjoying life.

David Haring (Class of 2002) is attending Newark High School.

Matt Harris is continuing his work on his Ph.D. in developmental biology at the University of Wisconsin. He has his own band.

Barry Hart has his Ph.D. in Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley and did a post-doctorate at the University of Michigan. He is now working at Bayer Pharmaceutical and is married to an artist.

Caitlin Hart is married and is soon to be a mother. She works for Gerard Klauer which does investments for institutional pension funds.

Tole Hart is married and is an analyst for Stanford Company, which does reports for cell-phone and satellite companies. They had a son in 1999.

Christian Hartranft (Class of 2004) is currently a Junior majoring in Government and Philosophy with a minor in French at Franklin & Marshall College. He is actively involved in several aspects of the student government and other activities, serving as the President of the Model United Nations Club, as a Class Representative, and on the Executive Board of the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society. During the summer of 2010 he is interning in Washington, DC in the Capitol Hill office of Pennsylvania Representative and Senate candidate Joe Sestak. He graduated from Archmere Academy where he fenced and played in the Jazz Band. He went to France on a student exchange trip summer of 2005.

Sharon Harward Dorr has been employed by the University of Delaware since 1989 and is currently the Director of Alumni and University Relations. Her husband works for Lankford SYSCO. They have two children, a daughter age 8 1/2 and a son age 2 years.

Ellen Hatton graduated from Tatnall and then graduated May 1997 from Tulane University School of Architecture as a Dean’s Honor Scholar. She spent a year abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. While there, she toured England, Ireland and Italy. She is now an Associate with Barnes Vanze Architects in Washington DC and designs both commercial and residential buildings. She and her husband Scott love to travel (Scotland, England, Iceland, Greece, Canada) and also are in a band together, playing traditional American old-time stringband music.

Maddie Heeney (Class of 2014) will be attending Cab Calloway School of the Arts.  Maddie says “In the past four years of being at NCCL, I’ve noticed a lot of growth in myself. My writing, math and reading skills have evolved, preparing me for whatever high school wants to throw at me. Apprenticing on Main Street has given me confidence and the skill to think quickly on my feet.  These past few years here have definitely been the best! Thank you NCCL for helping me to shape myself into the person I am today.”

Jordan Hegedus (Class of 1990) is married and living in Oregon where he teaches high school math. He is in graduate school and spends as much time as he can hiking, and exploring the northwest mountains. (Jordan graduated from UD and worked as an intern at the U.S. Geological Survey. He also explored the mountains and music of the northwest. Jordan is currently teaching 7th grade science at Newark Charter School. He completed a certification program from UD in 2001 after two years of education and science classes, and now has a certificate to teach secondary general science and secondary earth science. He married in the Bahamas in 2004 with immediate family in attendance. He and his wife recently moved back to Newark and is teaching Earth Science at Newark High School.)

Ariel Hegedus (Class of 1995) lives in Philadelphia. She is attending graduate school in Speech Pathology and also teaches adult literacy. (Ariel graduated from Newark High School. She was flute section leader in the band, secretary of her junior class, and worked on the school newspaper. She graduated from Hunter College where she spent a semester in Spain. After working long hours for an non-profit environmental agency, she is now a teacher’s aide in a literacy program.)

Tyler Hetherston is a junior in high school. She is involved in comic book illustrations and worked as a counselor in training at summer camp at the YMCA.

Alex Heinz (Class of 2004) is attending Newark High School. (Age: 13. What’s important to you? My friends and family. What do you like to do in your spare time? Hang out with friends, play video games, play baseball and other sports, play piano, read. What are your favorite school subjects? Writing, Reading, Gym, Art, Spanish. What high school are you planning to attend? Newark High School. What excites you about going to high school? Meeting new people, sports. What scares you about going to high school? Homework, strict rules, getting lost, having to wake up early. How old were you when you started going to NCCL? I started in kindergarten when I was 5 years old. What are some of the highlights of your years at NCCL? Camping trips. What special opportunities/experiences has NCCL provided that you will carry on to other places? Learning to treat other people with respect and to enjoy learning.)

Chris Higgins is married and teaches Philosophy of Education at Columbia University where he earned his Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Education.