Hill to Krum

Lauren Hill graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Foreign Language and Literature and then spent the summer of 1993 in Turkey. She has a M.A.T. in Teaching English as a Second Language. She was a Special Events Coordinator for The Minnesota International Center, which is a non-profit international community based education organization. She plans a trip to Dakar, Senegal to visit her boyfriend. Lauren is now in her second year of training to become an Alexander Technique teacher in Illinois. She teaches English as a Second Language part-time to adults. She continues to ballroom dance and has started taking tap lessons this year, which keeps her in stitches.

Nick Hines (Class of 2003) is a graduate student at Bournemouth University, England studying Biodiveristy & Conservation (2013). He attended Montana State University and was a member of MSU’s tennis team. He was studying paleontology, and enjoying everything except some of the winter temperatures. He then transferred to Palm Beach Atlantic University where he graduated in June, 2013. (Nick graduated from St. Mark’s High School. Nick says that “NCCL has provided fun and learning that will always be with me.”)

Florence Holdeman filmed her first documentary film Stage Presents Off-off Broadway and the Lower East Side in 1999. She attends the School of Visual Arts in NYC as a film major. Recently one of her films was shown at the Baby Grand Opera House.

Michael Holt (Class of 2009) I have been at NCCL since first grade, and will always cherish my time spent here. I love how this school teaches things differently than any other. Back in Group 1, Joe taught us to notice patterns. While this seemed pointless at the time, it has proved invaluable a multitude of times. I’m also going to miss workshop week, because it’s just so great that we can suggest our own classes and then learn in a fun and unique way. I’m also going to miss all of the friends I’ve made over the years, and just the fun that comes from learning here. In the Fall I’m going to start learning at Sanford. They have a lot of interesting clubs and a soccer team, so I’m excited to get to learn there next year.

Serene Hunter is attending Wilmington University.

Tobias Hurwitz has been widely published by magazines like Guitar Player, Guitar One, and Guitar, and has authored 11 books on guitar technique. Tobias has jammed or recorded with many of the worlds top players, including Stanley Clarke, Michael Angelo Batio, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Dennis Chambers, The Coasters, J. Geils, and Joe Pass, to name a few. His web site is http://www.tobiashurwitz.com/. (Toby is an instructor at the National Guitar Workshop. He currently performs with the Tobias Hurwitz Band and has a new release, Painted Sky (available at Wonderland). He has won several awards including “Best Guitarist for the Mid-Atlantic” and is contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also wrote Learn How to Transcribe for Guitar and has played with The Coasters, J. Geils, Joe Pass, Reb Beach, and Jennifer Batten. You can hear him on the web at www.guitar.com.)

Sandra Igou (Class of 2005) graduated from Cab Calloway School of the Arts and is attending the University of Delaware and to become a psychologist. She misses NCCL way too much!

Ethan Inglis (Class of 2016) will be attending Salesianum School.

Kiley James-Smith (Class of 2001) is attending Weber State University. She graduated from Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Brooke Jefferson (Class of 2010) is attending Newark High School.

Torsten Joerger (Class of 2002) graduated from Newark High School and still skates with the University of Delaware Program. (Torsten is attending Newark High School. In his spare time he likes to ice skate, play ping-pong and computer and video games. The NCCL apprenticeship program was a good opportunity that helped him understand why he needs an education.)

Verena Joerger (Class of 2007)is at Sweet Briar College. (Peviously – Verena is a senior at Conrad Schools of Science where she is the class president. Verena still rides up to 6 times a week.)

Willa Elise Jorgensen-Church died accidentally on Saturday, September 6, 2003, while hiking in the Joyce Kilmer National Forest, one of her favorite places. She was a graduate of South Mecklenburg High (1988), and received her B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from Western Carolina University in 1993. She was examined and certified in her profession by the National Therapeutic Recreation Association in 1994. Following her marriage and the birth of her son, in Sylva, NC, Willa worked as the activities director for Autumn Care Nursing Home and as an AmeriCorps-Vista in the Haywood County Literacy Program, Waynesville, NC. Later she achieved her dream of employment with the U.S. Forest Service, serving as a counselor at the Schenck School for Boys, Pisgah Forest. She also volunteered at the Loving Touch Adult daycare Center, in Charlotte, NC.

Erica Johnson graduated from Hampshire College and worked as the gallery coordinator for Hardcastles. She had an exhibition of her sculptures at the Big Shout Magazine show and worked as an assistant for Charles Parks. She is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania getting her Masters in Fine Arts. Her work was recently featured on a Holiday Art Loop tour through Pennsylvania.

Tom K. Johnson is still living in Oregon. He spent 3+ years working as a programmer in a Market Research Firm, a job that “I debatably lucked into and endured mostly for economic reasons. Anyway, things came to a grinding halt last April, when, I got fired (cutbacks and politics). Following my termination, I spent 6 months on unemployment, scoping the want ads for companies in need of self taught, intermediate Cold Fusion programmers. I played music, slept late, exercised and begin formulating a plan. The plan, was simply ‘return to school, show up for classes, get a degree in psychology, pursue related career…and/or see where it takes me.’ So, here I am, I just finished my 1st semester back (fall 2001). All went really well and now I’m onto the next phase of 5 more terms. I’m still in The Lawn, a band which plays noisy progressive garage rock to adoring audiences.”

Sarah Jungling (Class of 2007) is attending the University of Delaware. (Previously – I’m a junior at Saint Marks high school (2010)/ I just got back from Spring Break where I looked at some colleges! I;m excited to be a senior!!!! I miss everyone at NCCL and try to visit as much as possible but being in my junior year it’s hard to have the time. I now work at the National 5 & 10, the place I apprenticed in my seventh grade year, I am glad that I was given that opportunity, and I know that it’s thanks to NCCL so thanks for that!!!! I can’t wait to see everyone at Graduation see you soon!!!!)

Sarah Kahl graduated from Newark High School where she was in The Wiz and got 3rd place at a state-level public speaking contest. She spent 4 days in Washington DC at a youth conference and 2 weeks in South Dakota working on a Habitat for Humanity project on an Indian reservation and then crossed the Black Hills in a wagon train. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Women’s College and started working in the field of human resources. She recently bought her first house.

Snow Kahn is married, attending graduate school and working as a designer in print and multi-media.

Sam Kaler Sam was the kid who loved to build things. He is now (2010) at Auburn University in Alabama majoring in Building Science with a career goal of becoming a construction manager. In his spare time he loves to ski and travel.

Hannah Kaplan is attending Purdue University.

Henry Karlson (Class of 1996) is living in San Marcos, Texas. He lives on an organic farm with friends from Antioch and is working 7 days a week between the farm, carpentry work, and managing a fancy little wine bar in town. (Henry graduated from St. Mark’s H.S. in June 2000 and currently attends Antioch College. He is studying ecology and chemistry and enjoys fencing as one of his hobbies.)

Tavener Karlson (Class of 1999) is an anesthesiology nurse at Penn State Medical Center. She graduated from Ursinus College, receiving a BS degree in Mathematics. She was president of her sorority Phi Alpha Psi. They held 15+ service projects in one year alone. She was also inducted into Gamma Sigma Alpha which is a national Greek Honor’s Society. (Tavener is attending St. Mark’s H.S. where she gets all A’s and B’s in all honors courses, and plays volleyball. Tav is a Junior (2001) and beginning to look at colleges (very scary, but exciting!). She says, “I’m hoping to get into a very good college to become a doctor someday. Over Easter break (2001), I went to Italy with the foreign language dept. It was so amazing over there, especially since I met my awesome boyfriend on that trip! And yes, I’m still working at Wings To Go. It’s been almost a year and a half, but I just can’t seem to give up the wings!! I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and everything that will come with it.”)

Timothy (Tim) Keeler (Class of 2003) graduated from St. Mark’s High School and is now attending Princeton University. During his freshman year he sang in three different groups on campus, continuing his love for music started at NCCL. He is working for a professor in the Geosciences Department, preparing samples and writing code to visualize his data. (Tim is attending St. Mark’s High School. Tim liked all his subjects at NCCL, but his favorite was math because “I think it’s cool to figure out things.”)

Jeremy Keeler is attending St. Marks High School and plans to go to Cornell for astronomy or astrophysics.

Patrick Kerrane graduated from NCCL in 2000.

Amanda Kelman (Class of 2010) is attending Kennett High School.

Molly Ketcham (Class of 2001) graduated from the University of Delaware and Cornell Medical College. She graduated from Wilmington Friends School.

Josh Kirby (Class of 2000) is attending the Charter School of Wilmington.

Kyle Kinney graduated from the Charter School of Wilmington and was a semi-finalist as a National Merit Scholar.

Brian Kinney (Class of 2000) graduated from Colgate University and the Charter School of Wilmington.

Peter Kinney (Class of 2004) I am: 14. Things important to me: Climbing and computers. Favorite school subjects: Math and Science. High school I’m attending: Charter School of Wilmington. Things that excite me about HS: More people. Things that scare me about HS: Tests. How old I was when I started NCCL: Five. Some of the highlights of NCCL were: Having such a long time to get to know all my friends.  Peter’s company’s toy/app combination Puzzlets, which teaches kids how to do computer programming, is on USA Today’s list of 10 Cool Tech Toys Coming in 2015!

Caryn Klaff graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA where she was majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. She played Varsity Volleyball and was an RA as well. She works for Earthlink in project development and relaxes by enjoying many sports activities.

Tamir Klaff is married and works for a geological engineering company as a geophysicist. His latest project is the sale of dog collars with blinking lights for safety at night, which he has designed and constructed.

Chelsea Kline Welker is currently in the B Company 1-13th Infantry Regiment in the United States Army. She is married and has two children.

Michael Knoedler attended the University of Delaware. He now keeps busy restoring his house. He says that he is “hanging out too much in the most northerly capital in the world, Reykjavik, Iceland.” He is thinking about moving to a less populated place and studying the international financial markets. Mik fondly remembers his days at NCCL. “They were a lot of fun and full of the unique teachings only the NCCL staff can give!”

Sachi Kobayashi attended Drexel University and is now at the University of Southern California.

Cindy Krum is a self-employed Environmental Consultant and a sea kayak guide. She has an M.S. from Antioch and a B.A. from College of the Atlantic. She is married and has one step-son.

Jeff Krum works at First National Bank and recently got married.

Cathy Krum Rash is the proud mother of a wonderful son currently attending NCCL.