Latham to Norton

Heather Latham Porter is married with two sons. She is an 8th grade geography teacher in Butler, Pennsylvania. During the fall of 2007, she and her family are living in Accra, Ghana, in West Africa as part of a pastoral exchange program.

Kierre D. Laws was fatally injured in an automobile accident on February 26, 2005, at 22 years of age. “A student at the University of Delaware and employee of Grotto’s Pizza, Kierre enjoyed basketball, lacrosse, ice hockey, soccer, and swimming. He played in the Kirkwood Soccer Club and enjoyed gym workouts at the YMCA and University of Delaware. Kierre was a graduate of Brandywine High School. He was a charming young man who will be greatly missed.”

Meredith Leep (Class of 2001) graduated from Padua Academy with academic honors and Grinnell College in Iowa. She majored in History and Spanish. She is currently a finalist for the Public Allies Americorps program. Meredith hopes to get a job in DE and stay awhile. She spent a glorious summer month in Mallorca, Spain with the ArchaeoSpain program, helping excavate Roman ruins.

Jeffrey Leep (2003) is attending Newark High School. One of the reasons that Jeffrey liked NCCL is that “the style of teaching is more hands-on than in many other schools, and it teaches you to think creatively.” As a senior at NHS Jeff Leep was a National Merit Scholarship Finalists for outstanding academic achievement. (To become a finalist, students must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by the high school principal, and earn SAT scores that meet rigorous criteria. The three NHS students will now compete for one of 2,500 National Merit Scholarships of $2,500.) Jeff focused on science, and would like to study biology or possibly pre-med in college. He was a member of Newark’s cross country and track teams, and served as captain of the wrestling team. He is still considering his college options, and has applied to Rice University and Grinnell College. He credits his participation in sports at NHS with helping him to learn to manage his time well and find a balance between academics and other interests.

Caryn Lenoff (Class of 2006) is attending Northwestern University. She graduated from Sanford, where she played tennis and was involved in the newspaper and literary magazine. She volunteered for the Obama and Markell political campaigns. Even after two years, she still missed NCCL.

Ian Lenoff (class of 2006) is attending Cornell.

Nathaniel Levia (class of 2016) will be attending St. Elizabeth High School.

Cameron Lyons only went to NCCL for kindergarten before his family moved. He is attending college and enjoys traveling with his brother.

Josh Lyons is in graduate school in the London School of Economics where he is finishing his Master’s degree and is about to start his Ph.D. He will probably pursue international relations and enjoys traveling. He adds that he had a wonderful experience at NCCL.

David Lyons designed and helped build his own house where he lives with his wife and their son. He heads the parts department at the local Honda dealership.

Jenny Lyons is a clinical social worker for Bayview Wellness Center and is a full-time High School counselor. She has gone to Alaska and volunteered in a race for disabled people.

Andrea Maclaren is attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in French.

Rachel Maclary graduated from the Hartt School with a degree in flute performance in 2009 and have been living in the Hartford CT area for the past year. Recently she won a flute/piccolo position with the US Air Force Band of Liberty in Massachusetts and will be moving to Boston in the fall and performing with the concert band and wind quintet. (Class of 2001) While at Hartt she had a really great four years studying flute with Janet Arms and John Wion and being a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the International Women’s Music Fraternity. She participated in the Texas Music Festival in the summer of 2009 and then went back to Hartt for a Graduate Professional Diploma.

Emily Maclary (Class of 2002) graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Biology. She is starting a PhD program at the University of Michigan in July 2010. She spent 2 weeks hiking and clearing trails in the Grand Canyon during the spring of 2008. She also studied in Galway this fall. (Emily was only 4 when she started at NCCL. She graduated fromNewark High School. Emily says NCCL provided her with “being able to understand the things that I learn, and why concepts work rather than memorizing the way it is done.” Emily Maclary is finishing her Junior year (2009) at Williams College in MA, where she is studying biology and playing for the women’s rugby team.)

Mishna Macuga has a daughter, born in August 1996, and works for State Farm Insurance. She and her father have restored a 1969 Mustang with much hard work!

David Madanat is at the University of Delaware.

Emily Magnani (Class of 2001) graduated from Newark High School and is attending the University of Delaware.

Oveek Mallik has been very busy at the Charter School of Wilmington with his AP courses. He’ll be doing some community service this summer and will be doing some web research as well. He will soon visit college campuses including Princeton, John Hopkins and Swarthmore. In his free time, he watches Japanese animations, draws, plays guitar and soccer (still!).

Matthew Marshall (Class of 2005) is a junior at Cab Calloway, majoring in Cinema Studies. He says, ”I recently won The Jefferson Award for Community Service for my efforts with the Young Democrats Movement (an organization in which I was recently promoted to Ranking Member), and some independent journalism on my part. I’ve become a very active member of student government, and most of my time over the summer was spent with the Jack Markell for Governor campaign. I have a job with an education publisher. Presently, I’m editing things they send out to high schools for grammatical errors. You would be appalled at what terrible writers they have. I mean, I’m certain that 99% of the kids at NCCL could have done better work than this… but I suppose without poor mechanics, I’m out of a job… how ironic. School’s going very well — I have a 3.6 GPA, and just got a 2150 on the SATs. One of the movies I made last year, based off of a novel written by my grandfather (Nora Vadala’s uncle, actually!), just won a “Gold Key” from Scholastic.”

Shana Mattesl (Class of 2006) is attending the University of Delaware with a major in education and history. (Previously she says, “I’m going into my junior year at Newark High School, but am first looking forward to spending the summer in Israel. During the school year, I’m in Color Guard, Key Club and Student Government. I still miss NCCL and the easy life we had here.”)

Sarah Mattes (Class of 2009) I have been at NCCL for nine years – since kindergarten. I will miss so much about NCCL, but especially the community feeling. Some of my favorite NCCL memories are from All School Meeting, field day, workshop week, and other times when we got to mingle with kids in other grades. When I was younger, field day would be one of my favorite days of the year because I could play games and have fun with the older kids. Now I’m an older kid, and I am having fun with the younger kids. I am going to Conrad School of the Sciences next year. They offer more science classes, which is really great for me because I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up. NCCL has taught me many things, the most important being how to treat people with respect and kindness.

Tommy McCarty (Class of 2016) will be attending St. Mark’s High School.

Sarah McConnell Wood now has two sons and says she has never worked so hard in her life. Going to the Bakery is a breather.

Lauren McCulley (Class of 2004) has been working at Playtime Doggy Daycare. She is learning how to groom and hopes to become a manager. She is going to Del-Tech to get a degree in business and plans to open her own dog grooming facility! (How old are you? I am 13 years old. What’s important to you? I think doing well in school, having a lot of good friends, and having fun are important. What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to read, knit, hang out with friends, play with my pets, swim, and write. I also enjoy singing and playing the piano. What are your favorite school subjects? I like writing and art. They help me express myself, and I really like that. What high school do you plan to attend? I plan to attend Hodgson Vo-Tech school. I want to major in dental assistance or horticulture. What excites you about going to high school? I can’t wait to move to a larger environment, make new friends, and see what it’s like to be in a vo-tech school; it sounds like fun and I hope to get a good job with what I learn. What scares you about going to high school? Again, the larger environment will be something I need to adjust to. I know when I first arrive it will be scary, and not knowing anyone as well. The workload will be scary too! How old were you when you when you started going to NCCL? I was 12 years old. I started here in 7th grade, and though I’ve only been here for a short while, I have made so many great friends! What are some of the highlights of your years at NCCL? The one thing that I really enjoyed doing and will never forget is singing Travelin’ Soldier, with Stephanie Bonner, Christine Garnier, Catherine Parker, Rachel Robinson, and Elle Vanderkley. What special opportunities/experiences has NCCL provided that you will carry on to other places? I have learned to never exclude anyone, to make friends with everyone you can and just enjoy everything that comes your way. I will really miss NCCL and hope I can come back and visit as often as I can.)

Stefan McDonough graduated from Cal Tech in Pasadena, CA and is now a neurobiologist at the Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole and in the science department at Brown University. He enjoys biking to work and playing center field on a softball team.

Dan McIntosh attends Landmark College in Vermont and is interested in film and communications.

Michael McLaughliun (Class of 2009) My experience at NCCL has been different from any other school that I have gone to. They give you freedom here and a lot of time to hang out with your friends, which other schools don’t give you. I like the fact that there aren’t grades because it doesn’t put as much pressure on you and you don’t need grades to tell you that you’re well. The most memorable experience I’ve had at this school are the camping trips, whether it’s Trap Pond or Shavers Creek, I always have a great time with my friends. I really enjoyed working on my grad project about WWII because I got to pick what I wanted to study instead of being assigned a topic. I have many memories at this school, some good and some bad, and I’ll remember them forever. Next year I will be going to Salesianum. I’m going to miss my friends, our free time and a lot more and I just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Mary Mecca (Class of 2009) Mary M. Mecca has been at NCCL for 6 years. She remembers some of the highlights from her time as an NCCLer which include Workshop Week, camping, participating in various plays and musicals, being Group 4’s first official Librarian, apprenticing on Main Street, writing her first book in Group 2 with Susan, entitled The Hailstorm, listening to a tape about Zanzibar, watching The Labyrinth at recess in Group 2 on rainy days and singing about Spring Hill mine disasters, Irish soldiers, sinking ships and forgotten magic dragons. When she goes to Sanford next year, she’s going to greatly miss Workshop Week, the Drama Club, camping trips, chorus, apprenticing, sitting on the couches and floor in a circle and NCCL’s way to switch around the whole day’s schedule at the drop of a hat. But Mary does look forward to attending Sanford; a larger school with a cafeteria, bigger library and better computers (she hopes) on its campus. She also can’t wait to put on more school plays/musicals! During her years at NCCL, she has learned many things including how to sew, mosaic, interact well with younger children, and that it’s okay to have a friendly relationship with teachers. She has also learned that she can make a difference, she can be herself (whomever that may be) and she doesn’t have to follow trends (Renaissance retro + Rock&Roll (Broadway) ÷ (Gemini + pure awesomeness) = Moi!!!!) Most importantly, she knows what it is to have a friend and what it means to be a friend.

Bernard Mehl and and his wife Susie were married on their property on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in July 1998 where they had their own business Nature’s Mosaic which made tree-free artistic journals and photo albums. Bernard now works as a builder. In his spare time he writes songs for the guitar.

Nathan Mehl and his wife Denise have two sons. He works as a chemical engineer with Miliken Chemicals. They will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in Jamaica this year.

Tai Meisel graduated from Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School.

Walter Mera, Jr. is working for Chrysler Corp. in the skilled-trades department as a toolmaker. He lives wife and their two children.

Jasmine Middaugh (class of 2016) will be attending Padua Academy.

Blythe Milbury-Steen (Class of 1992) completed her MA in French from the Middlebury Graduate School of Languages in 2007. She has continued living and working in Paris teaching English at a branch of the University of Paris in the suburb of Marne-La-Vallee. She enjoys the beauty, opportunities and challenges of living in Paris and hopes to remain there for some time to come. graduated with honors from Newark High and summa cum laude from Bryn Mawr College in 2000 with a degree in English. She spent her junior year abroad at Cambridge University studying English Literature. She then traveled in Europe the following summer and worked with the Volunteer Service Exchange/International Project in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. It is a cooperative venture between Pacem in Terris and Interchange in Lurgan. Blythe also spent a summer in France on a Raeburn-White Scholarship. After doing Communications for National Public Radio in Washington, DC for two years, she went west to San Francisco in 2002. After doing Development for Planned Parenthood, Blythe left the world of cubicles, database management and Microsoft mail merges behind her (“yay!”) and now works for the East Bay SPCA in Oakland. She loves her job! She works as a vet tech 2 days of the week and an adoption counselor 3 days, so all in all, she helps take care of the sick animals at the shelter and also gives people information about caring for their pets and helps them choose the right companion animal. Blythe also volunteers with the SPCA’s Humane Education program and does classroom presentations for K-5th graders about various topics including dog bite prevention, being safe around dogs and animal overpopulation. She is thinking about pursuing an advanced degree in zoology or animal behavior. Blythe says, “I work with a great staff and am really enjoying learning more about animal welfare. It was wonderful to read through the NCCL Alumni News and I love that I can stay in touch through the web site.”

Emily Moore (Class of 2016) will be attending Newark High School.

Matt Moores is a United States Marine. (Previously – He is a senior at Wilmington Charter School (2001/02). This past summer he vacationed in Germany which gave him a chance to polish his conversational German skills. He plans to major in Languages in college and is currently introducing himself to the Arabic Language. After college he plans to do a short shift in one of the Armed Forces branches before applying for a job in the CIA, his ultimate goal.

Jason Morgan is finishing his business and marketing/management degree at DTCC. He also runs his own business, Cecil Karate Club, ( in Fair Hill, MD. He has been “working hard at it since the summer of 1999.” Jason has over 120 actively enrolled students from preschool age through adult. He also taught a Workshop Week class at NCCL for the two oldest groups.

Nathan Morgan-Fiser (Class of 2000) is attending the Wilmington Charter School.

Christopher Motter is a sophomore (2001/02) at Kennett High School. As per state of PA guidelines he is one of several Academically Talented students pursuing a personalized education plan. He is currently taking honors English, math analysis, honors biology, and Latin III in addition to social studies and other required courses. Chris also plays trumpet in the marching band, orchestra, and jazz band. He is a member of the soccer team and works on the weekends as a soccer referee for local leagues and tournaments.

Shawn Moudy is a staff sergeant in the army. He recently completed his second tour of Bosnia where he worked with refugees. He is married and has a daughter.

Anna Neitzert is married and has two children.

Chris Neitzert lives in Vasetras Sweden and works in technology. He and his ex-wife have a darling two-year-old boy.

Cory Norton graduated from Dickinson High School and is now attending the University of Delaware.