Reiss to Szarlan

Ben Reise graduated from Newark High as a “3-Letter Man” in sports. He is in the Continuing Education program at UD and is seriously looking at other colleges to explore new horizons.

Mike Reise graduated from the University of Delaware. He is currently an account executive with Epicom Corp. He graduated from Newark High and is attending Del Tech.

Nickolas Reeves (Class of 1999) was married to Bianca Caviglia in Miami, FL on January 11, 2014. Bianca was Nick’s best friend and law school classmate at The Florida International University College of Law.  Also, Nick recently started a solo law practice in Coral Gables, FL.  Reeves Law Office, P.A. provides honest, attentive and compassionate legal services to people planning their estates, people encountering issues as they age, and people with special needs.  Nick focuses his practice on advising clients in the areas of Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, Probate, and Estate Planning,  (Previously – He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in business marketing where he was member of the co-ed cheerleading squad. He graduated from Salesianum High School.)

Andrew Reeves (Class of 2001) started his own company making Pop’s ‘Stache ( He graduated from Salesianum High School is attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia where he is studying Industrial Design.

Jeffrey Rickerman is married and runs Stratus Employment Agency.

Jonathan Rickerman, after years of world traveling, is now headmaster of a new school in Cochranville, the George Fox Friends School.

Bryce Richard is married and has a son and a daughter. He works in the construction industry.

Eric Rice (Class of 2004) What are your favorite subjects? Gym, Writing, Art. What high school do you plan to attend? The Charter School of Wilmington. What are some of the highlights of your years at NCCL? Being with my friends at a good school. What special opportunities/experiences has NCCL provided that you will carry on to the other places? NCCL is a good place for students to go. For me it has made a bigger difference than any other public school would have.

Eno Roberts graduated from the University of Delaware in Fashion Marketing. He is a Supervisor at IMS (Abercrombie and Fitch International Catalogue Sales). He still plays music and performs at Deep Blue and other local haunts.

Rachel Robinson (Class of 2003) is attending Cab Calloway School of the Arts, where she will major in communication arts. Her favorite NCCL subjects were writing and science. Some of her favorite memories of NCCL are “all of the school plays/musicals and the amazing field trips like camping at Shaver’s Creek and Trap Pond.”

David Robinson is a senior at A.I. DuPont High School (2009) where he plays varsity golf and soccer. He plans to study engineering.

Jillian Romao My current news includes that this June, 2010 I will be part of the first graduating class to graduate from St. Georges Technical High School. While at St. Georges I was in the Web and Print Technology career area, and participated in designing and building multiple web sites that are currently live on the web. Next year I will be attending Del Tech Community College as an Elementary Education major, and after those two years I will be attending Wilmington University to complete my degree.

Richard Roisman graduated from Goucher College in May 1995 with Honors in English, and has a graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He works as a planner for Montgomery County Planning Department. He is married to an attorney.

Sibyl Roosen (Class of 2016) will be attending St. Mark’s High School.

Ben Rose saw our web site and thought he would write to us. He is a librarian and has “traveled some”. He also has a BA in English from Oregon State University and a Masters in Library Sciences from Clarion University of PA.

Dr. Scott Rosenthal is married and has a daughter, who is bilingual – German and English. He has a B.S. in nutrition. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College, has a Chiropractic office in Wilmington, and is President of the Delaware Chiropractic Society. He provides wellness lifestyle workshops around New Castle County. Scott is a also certified Yoga teacher. He and his wife just bought a house and they are looking forward to rural, country life. He plans to teach yoga from home on his days off. Scott’s soccer team won the championship game. “I play in the world renowned New Castle County adult league. Thanks to Ray and Michael for introducing me to a great sport that often has me limping around the office. A special hello to all of my classmates and teachers that shared the NCCL experience with me.”

Sheri Rosenthal Green is a fashion editor at McCall’s Magazine. She is involved in POWARS, an organization that allows people with AIDS the support and help to keep their pets. She is married to Derek Green, a fashion designer. She had a baby girl, Tori Olivia, on November 27, 1994. She plans to have another baby and become a massage therapist.

Jelani Russell is a sophmore at Drexel studying Film and Video.

Saidah Russell (Class of 2005) was inducted into the National Honor Society at Mt. Pleasant. She graduated from NYU in May 2013  and has been working in both New York and Delaware.

Julien Sachs-Hunt (NCCL class of 2014)   Julien says “Next year, I will be attending Alexis I. duPont High School and I highly believe that I will be ready for it, and that I will always try my best. I know that it will not be the same as NCCL, and I will be sad to leave. I will miss apprenticing and all of the friends that I have made. I will come back and visit often and NCCL will always be my home.”

Alison Schulz Kock married in March 1998 and is teaching English to German students in Germany. Her first child was born in August 1999.

Andrew Schulz is working at as part of the networking staff, maintaining the computers, and taking computer classes at Del Tech.

Jenny Schulz Lloyd graduated from Shilling Douglas School of Hair Design. She has her own business now. She was married in June 1999 at a beautiful outdoor ceremony at her parents’ home. He daughter is attending NCCL.

Michael Schwarz has an MFA, heads a group called the Tucson Arts Brigade, and is a full-time artist. He does workshops for the Arizona State Arts Council.

Kristin Sell graduated fromWest Chester University of Pennsylvania with a major in visual and performing arts and music. She is currently a music teacher. (Previously – She attends Kennett High School. She played the nurse in the musical The Secret Garden.

Logan Selway (Class of 2010) is attending Avon Grove Charter School.

Carol Severance left the US. Forest Service, and taught English as a 2nd language for 2 years. She is now working for the Kennett School District and getting her Masters Degree in Education.  (Carol graduated from the University of Michigan with an MA in museum studies. She works for the forest service in NC and is married and has two sons.)

Steve Severance graduated from Stanford University where he studied math and art.

Emily Severance is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a reading specialist.

Barbara Severns will graduate from St. Mark’s in June 2000. She is married and has 2 children. She misses everyone and hopes to see you in some reunion to come.

Becky Shapiro is married and has a. Ph.D. in British literature from Purdue University. She now teaches English at Westminster College.

Mindy Shapiro has a degree in English from Indiana University.

Jonathan Sharnoff is the Director of Nursing and the Program Director of Acute Services at the Piedmont Behavioral Health Centre in VA.

Ocean Shen (class of 2016) will be attending Salesianum School.

Tom Shipman graduated from Wilmington Friends High School and is attending the University of Delaware Honors Engineering Program, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been on the Dean’s List every semester. Tom received the Mendenhall Award for scholarship, character and service and the Starkweather Award for service. He is a member of the University’s Emergency Care unit and has participated in Habitat for Humanity on several projects.

Becky Siegel graduated in social work from the University of Delaware. She was married in August 1998 and works for Goodwill Industries. She adds she loved NCCL.

Adam Simmons (Class of 2009) I have been at NCCL for 5 years. One of the highlights was the apprenticing program. I will miss the apprenticing program and the freedom the students have. When I go to North East High School, I am looking forward to having my own locker and making new friends. One of the differences between NCCL and the public school that I learned is that in my old school, the teachers weren’t willing to give you a second chance. At NCCL the teachers understand that not every person is exactly the same. We all have different opinions, ideas and weaknesses. At NCCL you’re encouraged to have your own thoughts and opinions. I’ve made a lot of friends at NCCL. My friends have a lot of the same interests as I do, but we also have a lot of different interests, personalities, likes and dislikes – and at NCCL that’s okay. I look forward to coming back and visiting everybody at NCCL someday!

Anna Siwek attended Delaware Technical and Community College and the University of Delaware with a major in occupational therapy.

Kelly Smith is running the cafeteria and catering program at Archmere academy and attending Wilmington University for a Masters in Elementary and secondary school counseling.  She is marrying Jeffrey David Bell on May 2, 2015.  She studied for a communications degree at Del Tech. She has been on the Dean’s List and the President’s List. She teaches ballroom dancing.

Matthew Smith (attended NCCL 6th-8th grade, currently 25 yrs old) After graduating from NCCL in 2001 Matt graduated from RIsing Sun Highschool in 2005, Towson University in 2009, Duquesne University in 2011 and is currently in medical school at the University of Maryland pursuing his M.D. Matt is particularly interested in orthopedic surgery. Along with academic pursuits, Matt is learning the banjo, has traveled with a medical mission to a third world country to help perform surgeries and is a second degree blackbelt in karate.

Stephanie Smith (attended NCCL 6th-8th grade, class of 2003, currently 23 yrs old) After graduating from NCCL in 2003 I graduated from Rising Sun Highschool in 2007, Towson University in 2010 and am currently in graduate school at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Washington, DC pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am interested in eating disorders, nutrition and health psychology. Along with academic pursuits, I work as a rock climbing instructor and am an avid cyclist and gardener. I am happy, motivated, and have “big girl” confidence which I am so thankful to NCCL for giving me! It seems that middle school can be a very punishing time for kids and I am so grateful that i was nurtured instead!

Adrianne Smucker Gruver completed a certification in science illustration from the University of Santa Cruz in CA and graduated from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a Biology degree. She had an internship at the American Museum of Natural History in NY. After working for a few years she went back to school and completed a graduate program in Scientific Illustration. She married in December 2000, and she and her husband led a group of 14 18-year olds through 4 countries in Asia for 4 months, making a most unusual honeymoon. They now live in MD, and Adrienne is trying to make a go of freelance illustration, while enjoying a stress-free job at a bookstore.

Dr. Craig Smucker graduated from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. “I am the president and owner of Smucker Orthopaedics. I’ve been on staff at Christiana, Wilmington, and Jennersville Hospitals since 2007. I am an Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in joint replacements and fracture care.”

Kelly Snavely has a son and is attending college on a volleyball scholarship, majoring in Engineering.

Danielle Solan graduated from Newark High School and is attending Smith College and making the Dean’s List. She was awarded a scholarship as well as an assistantship. Last year her skillful bassoon playing qualified her for All State Orchestra.

Sarah Sorensen (NCCL class of 2014)  Sarah is moving to North Carolina and will be attending Roanoke Rapids High School.  Sarah says of her time at NCCL “I’ve gone on some incredible field trips during my two years at NCCL. At Shaver’s Creek, we slept in cabins in the middle of nowhere, without Wi-Fi. We went canoeing, rock climbing and caving (awesome, yet cramped). There were Trap Pond camping trips where we slept in tents, ran around, cooked our own meals and just roamed to our heart’s desire. Washington D.C. had to be my favorite trip of all time, because it was there that I saw on display, up close and in real life, two of the most beautiful, but now extinct, creatures to ever roam the planet—a male and female Passenger Pigeon!”

Tristan Spinski is at UD majoring in English.

Nick Springer was working as a cartographer for Microsoft. Every time you download a map to go on vacation, think of Nick! He is married now and works for Electronic Ink, a company that designs user interfaces. In 1998 he went on an Earthwatch Institute Expedition to Costa Rica. There he met his future wife, a teacher from New Jersey. After countless huge phone bills and thousands of frequent flyer miles, they were married on July 1, 2000.

Robbie Stewart is studying journalism at the University of Oregon. He is interested in music and plays the piano.

Michael Swartz is active in the struggle for cultural democracy. He is a board member of the Alliance for Cultural Democracy, a national arts activist organization. He was instrumental in creating the Newark Arts Alliance and the Postal Art Project, a six month community wide interactive performance in Tucson, AZ.

Adam Szarlan (Class of 2004) What are your favorite school subjects? I like writing, art, math, and science. What high school do you plan to attend? I plan to attend Delcastle Vo-Tech high school. What special opportunities/experiences has NCCL provided that you will carry on to other places? I would say it gave me some responsibilities that I didn’t have before. NCCL also gave me a safe feeling.