Teis to Zinn

Kyra Teis is one of the top three finalists in a Revolution Dancewear’s dance costume design contest (2013) She finished her Master’s Degree at Boston University School of Theology and then worked at the Kennedy School of Marketing at Harvard. She has also been working as an illustrator. She has illustrations in Cricket Magazine and did eleven chapter heading plates and the cover for a Nancy King book. She recently signed her first book deal with Beyond Words in Oregon. She has done the illustrations for several children’s books, including She is Born: a Celebration of Daughters and Read to Me (2004). Kyra has two children, is living in Southeastern Virginia, and is having fun in the sun!

Chris Testa Chris graduated from the University of the Arts in May 2009 with a Fine Arts in Animation degree. He is working at a company called Digigraph Media in Silver Spring Maryland. They work on several projects including animation, graphic design and film editing. He is a CG Environmental Designer, though he also works on CG Modeling and Texturing. Their current project is a set of videos for the military. Chris graduated from Newark High School.

Emily Thomas graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in writing.

Rebecca Tiano is a talented artist who works at The Brandywine Zoo. She painted two rhea eggs which where auctioned off as part of Brandywine Zoo’s Brew at the Zoo. The proceeds go to support the animals there (2013). She has her own Custom Pet Portraits business. She graduated from the University of Delaware.

Aaron Tova has a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Mathematics. He lives in Minnesota with 2 rambunctious beagles, Darwin and Barkley, and one intimidated cat, Louise. He has a house with solar electric panels and a job writing software atwww.endocardial.com. He is into Zen meditation, the Green Party, dancing, camping, and traveling. Aaron says,”I have always been very grateful for the education experience that you provided for me and others.”

Nick Tovo is in broadcast journalism in the Army. He was in Italy for a year where he met his wife. They were married in October 1999.

Nana Twumasi has a MFA, Creative Writing at California College of the Arts. “I assist two acquiring editors in the trade psychology and K-12 education areas at Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley and Sons publishers. Previously, I worked at Lerner Publishing Group in Minneapolis, MN, as a Photo Researcher, seeking out and licensing images for use in non-fiction educational titles for young readers. I occasionally work as an editor-for-hire; an area I’d like to devote more time to, and serve as a co-editor for Monday Night, a long-running literary journal based out of Oakland, CA. Please visit us here: www.mondaynightlit.com.” My creative writing work as been published online; notably as part of ballyhoostories.com “50 States Project,” and the International Museum of Women’s “Imagining Ourselves” online exhibit. She graduated from Padua Academy and Oberlin College (2002), which she attended on a full scholarship. She says, “Of course, my experience at NCCL has blessed me with plenty of writing fodder.” A story she wrote was posted on Ballyhoo Stories at http://www.ballyhoostories.com/ballyhoo/main.html?1 Nana currently works as a senior editor/writer at Exploratorium.

Alessandra Vadala is teaching 2nd-4th grade at NCCL! Her two children are also attending NCCL. She previously taught at a Montessori school.  She graduated from Towson State University with a B.S. in English and Art and a Masters in teaching English as a second language. She spent a semester in Italy student teaching in an Italian elementary school. She taught ESL at a high school in Maryland.

Teresa Vadala was married in 2005 and has two children. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art, Magna cum Laude. She will continue at MICA in the Master’s program in teaching. She has taught high school Art.

Elle Vanderkley (Class of 2004) I am 14 years old and have been going to NCCL for five years! I think that the most important thing to me about NCCL is definitely the environment of this school. There is so much that everyone gets here at this school. I also enjoy art, and the art program here definitely helped me expand my skill and helped me get into Cab Calloway School of the Arts. I love soccer, volleyball, painting, and sketching in my free time. All of these areas are a joy in my life. I love writing so much; several of my pieces even made it in to Word Dance and other writing magazines! As I said before, I was accepted into Cab Calloway School of the Arts. It is an awesome school and I am looking forward to the next four years there. What excites me about going to high school is definitely the experience! Meeting new people and teachers and taking new classes! I am a little afraid of the tests! I don’t work well under pressure! I was about ten years old when I came to NCCL, and started out in Group 3. Some of the highlights of my years here at NCCL definitely have been meeting my three best friends, Tori, Stephanie, and Anna! I love the Drama program, and I love the fact that we put on a play every year. Those experiences definitely moved me forward in my dramatic skills, and led to me being accepted into Cab for a Drama class, too! I have had a wonderful time here at NCCL. I

Rajiv Velury says, “I am currently a junior in the Charter School of Wilmington. At this school, I am the founding president of a chapter of an organization known as Unite for Sight. Unite for Sight is an international organization dedicated to promoting eye health worldwide; it was founded on the premise that 80% of all blindness in the world is preventable, and that 36 million people are unnecessarily blind. The website for Unite for Sight is: http://www.uniteforsight.org. I will miss everyone here and I am looking forward to my new life!”

Eli Venezky is working as a writer. He has written children’s stories, puppet shows, fables and screenplays. He has had two plays read at the Drama Bookstore. He attended trapeze school last summer.

Connor Vettori (Class of 2016) will be attending MOT Charter School.

Phillip Wemlinger graduated from Delcastle High School and is contracting with his father.

Kate Wendelburg (Class of 2003) is attending Padua Academy. Some of her favorite subjects at NCCL included math, science, and writing.

Ethan White (Class of 2010) is attending Conrad School of Science.

Flippy White is attending the Baltimore School for the Arts, majoring in harp. She has won national/international competitions in Celtic harp and classical harp. She has performed concertos with the Raleigh, Durham Symphonies, performed at Spoleto as principal harp, and played with the Fayetteville Symphony for 2 1/2 years. She has also written articles for journals, edited the March issue of Harp Column Journal and maintains several web pages, including Young Harper’s Almanac. “All because of you!!!!!!” she says.

Stella White

When I came to NCCL when I was six years old, in first grade, it seemed so big to me. Once I had been at school for a few weeks, I was already friends with everyone, even people who were much older than I was. Three of the people who are currently in class with me came to the school when I came, and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve made so many more friends since I’ve been here that I can’t even begin to list them all! It was such a great school to come to because everyone immediately welcomed me and I felt comfortable right from the beginning of my time here. Since then, I’ve grown as a person, and received a wonderful education.

There are many experiences I’ve had at NCCL that I will never forget. In Group 1, I loved having Trips Around the World on Fridays. We would “travel” somewhere in the world and be taught about the culture, food, and people there. I also enjoyed researching howler monkeys and pandas and writing booklets about them.

In Group 2, I loved working on loads of different writing projects and stories, writing my ABC book about different countries, and having morning meetings at the beginning of every school day.

In Group 3, I enjoyed the government role plays, where we learned what it’s like to live in different types of governments. We did the photo story project, the newspaper project, the poetry unit, and the interview project. In math, we learned so much that prepared us for the math in Group 4, and we did lots of fun projects, like learning about perspective drawing.

In Group 4, I’ve done the picture book project, where we all wrote our own book and illustrated it and got it made into a real book that you can buy. I did the play project, where we wrote our own plays and were given the option of filming it (mine is on the NCCL YouTube account if you want to watch it!) I’ve also learned so much in math and science that I couldn’t fit it all on this page. I loved running All-School Meetings and pizza day. I enjoyed going on the Shaver’s Creek camping trip, which is a week-long trip that the Group 4 students go on every year where we do things like rock climbing and canoeing, and the Trap Pond trip, which is a three-day camping trip that Group 4 and Group 3 both do. I loved apprenticing and I can’t even describe how much more confident I’ve become after apprenticing every Friday for two years.

One of my absolute favorite things about NCCL are the school plays. I’ve done 11 plays since I’ve been here, and I’ve become a stronger person because of them. I will also miss art and Spanish, workshop weeks, and all the other wonderful activities we do here. I can’t even put into words how much I’ll miss the people here, but there is no question that I will keep in touch with everyone and I’ll never forget any of the friends I’ve made here.
Next year, I will be going to Padua Academy, which is a big change that I am ready and excited for. I’ll miss everything about NCCL, but my experiences here have made me much more prepared for high school than I would have been had I gone to another school, and I’ll never forget that.

Mike Windle (Class of 2001) is attending Cab Calloway School of the Arts. He plays starting offside hitter on the Volleyball team and has discovered a love for computers. He is studying web design and hopes to take some Java or C++ next year.

Eric Winkel is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies in Malaysia. Whenever I study/speak about education, I describe NCCL as the ideal!

Mark Winkel, one of the NCCL “originals” from the frat house mansion, reports from Jakarta, Indonesia, where he has lived since 1992, about the “@america” project his communications firm has been supporting in Indonesia. (New York Times profile on project here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/06/world/asia/06indonesia.html?_r=1&hp ) Married to Rulita Anggraini and with three children (15, 10, 5 in 2011), Mark still manages to climb volcanos from time to time and has rediscovered bicycling. After NCCL, Mark (and brother Eric) went to Wilm Friends briefly before both attended and graduated from The International School of Geneva in Switzerland, where Mark’s basketball team was Swiss National Champions. He went on to graduate from Haverford College (as did Eric) in political science and has worked in Asia since. Still practices (some) yoga moves learned back then and have retold my kids many times the story of Mike Edwards and NCCL’s first microscope and emulated Ray Magnani in educating my children in classic rock. (Anne: how many times have I had to explain why someone who values education would send their children to a “free” school. Thank you. BTW, my mom still can’t put away the chalk after FORTY years of teaching.) Welcome contact with other old-timers and more recent grads, especially those interested in Indonesia/SEAsia. Salaam.

Gregory Wolf (Class of 2009) I have been at NCCL for three years. Some things that I have really enjoyed doing here are going on the camping trips, particularly Shaver’s Creek. I also enjoyed workshop week. I will miss many things about this school, mainly the friendly, unhurried attitude of everyone here. I will miss the long break and lunch in which I can socialize with my friends, hang out, have fun and play games. Next year, I am going to high school at Sanford. I am looking forward to new, interesting classes and meeting new people. However, I will miss being here and will always remember being at NCCL fondly. When I leave here, I will leave with a large amount of knowledge, including the value of friendship.

Ashton Worley (Class of 2001) is attending Wilmington Charter School.

Kaylin Young just passed her master’s thesis defense at Clemson University (2013)! Kaylin is getting her masters in Animal and Veterinary Science with an emphasis in forages and dairy. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2011 with a degree in Dairy Science. While she was attending graduate school at Clemson University in SC she was granted an assistantship to do research on dairy cows.

Courtney Zaleski is studying psychology at the University of California, Davis.

Erin Zaleski is studying writing and theatre at the university of California, Santa Barbara.

Amy Zinn graduated Cum Laude from Villanova University. She spent a summer in Europe and may go into teaching.