Our Curriculum

is designed to :

  • Rely on non-competitive assessments, not standardized testing.
  • Be child centered.
  • Be age appropriate.
  • Teach core concepts and skills, academic and social.
  • Include open-ended learning experiences which have many solutions to one problem.
  • Be integrated.
  • Respond to children’s needs and interests.

Our curriculum is not driven by standardized testing


Each homeroom group has about 22-24 children and 2 full-time teachers who work with them. The homeroom group is divided into smaller groups for classes so there are usually 10-12 children in a class group. Learn more


“NCCL kids write well” is a phrase we often hear from our students’ high school teachers. Unlike schools where writing is merely touched on in Language Arts class, we devote substantial time to it and teach writing as a craft rather than just an assignment. Learn more


The goals of the mathematics program at NCCL are for students to acquire a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, to develop the habits of mind of mathematicians, and to use mathematics as a tool to understand their world. Learn more

Social Studies

NCCL School’s Social Studies curriculum reflects our philosophy that children learn best when they can connect to history through active involvement such as role plays, field trips and presentations. Learn more


NCCL School’s science curriculum reflects our philosophy that children learn best when they are engaged and asking questions about the world. Through carefully crafted, hands-on investigations, teachers help students to see and quantify patterns and relationships and to communicate these findings to others. Learn more


The entire population at NCCL studies Spanish. After 8 years of constant exposure to the Spanish language, it is our goal that students leave NCCL with a strong foundation and most importantly a strong interest in continuing their language studies. Learn more


We value the arts at NCCL. Projects are designed to encourage artistic, intellectual and imaginative growth along with an appreciation for art, history and life itself. Learn more


The music program at NCCL includes a weekly general music class for each homeroom group, a traditional All School Sing at the weekly All School Meeting, and the option to participate in ensembles. Learn more


NCCL provides a unique experience for a full-fledged theatrical experience that is rare for children younger than high school. Talents are discovered that might have otherwise remained hidden, and everyone gets a chance to be on stage in some capacity. Learn more

Physical Education

Our goal is to expose children to various sports and help them develop a level of comfort. We want our kids to experience the joy and health-enhancing qualities of physical activity. Learn more


We believe computers should be an integral part of any educational program. Read a brief outline of how we use computers in our classrooms.