el_patoAll of the children at NCCL study Spanish.

For the younger half of the school, Spanish class is 45-60 minutes a week and the focus is Spanish vocabulary and culture. During class time students are exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary, often piggy-backing their current classroom topics. They practice using those words through art, games, puzzles, and oral activities.

For the older half of the school, students are exposed to culture topics and vocabulary, but are also working on basic grammatical topics, such as adjective agreement and conjugating regular verbs in order to create comprehensible language. These students practice Spanish for 90 minutes a week, including a 30 minute Conversation class dedicated solely to speaking.

After 9 years of constant exposure to the Spanish language, it is our goal that students leave NCCL with a strong foundation and most importantly a strong interest in continuing their language studies.