Canoeing at Shaver's Creek

Canoeing at Shaver’s Creek

Because we believe that children learn best when they are actively involved, NCCL offers its students many opportunities to immerse themselves in open-ended learning experiences.

ACTIVITY -BASED LEARNING Learning is activity-based at all levels at NCCL in order to more fully engage the students. Examples of past activities are the Monarch Butterfly Project and World Religion Museum.

COMMUNITY SERVICE All NCCL students are involved in community service projects several times a year. Past projects include: Making a Difference ClubTsunami Service ProjectDuffle Bags for Foster Kids.

Students at NCCL have access to enrichment activities including artdramamusicSpanish, and physical education. In addition to these programs, older students have their horizons broadened by the unique NCCL traditions of Workshop Week, apprenticing, and camping trips.

FIELD TRIPS All four class groupings take frequent field trips and we invite people from the community in to speak to and work with the children. Several times a year classes walk to the nearby University of Delaware campus to see music and drama performances, gallery exhibits, and to participate in movement classes. Read more.a_016

WORKSHOP WEEK Students in grades 5 – 8 take time out from their regular classes three or four times a year to participate in Workshop Week, when parents and teachers provide instruction on such wide-ranging topics as photography, mosaics, box fort building, advertising, law, and knitting. Read more

Project Runway

Project Runway

APPRENTICESHIPS Group 4 students (grades 7 and 8) spend their Friday afternoons in the apprenticing program, working at area businesses and gaining organizational and interpersonal skills. Read more

CAMPING TRIPS Grades 5 through 8 end the school year with a much anticipated camping trip, while grades 7 and 8 take a five day trip to Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, where they expand their horizons with team building games, lessons about local flora and fauna, and outdoor activities like canoeing, caving and rock climbing. Read a student essay about Shaver’s Creek. Read a student essay about Shaver’s Creek.