What Is Unique About NCCL?

  • Rigorous academics that challenge without pressure
  • Intentionally small to grow confident learners
  • Expert teachers ignite the passion for learning that is within each child
  • All homerooms are multi-aged with two full time teachers
  • Ongoing assessment but no standardized tests
  • Dedicated teachers recognized regionally or nationally as experts in their field
  • Teacher developed curriculum that meets or exceeds state and national standards
  • Focus on skills and habits now recognized as critical to thrive in today’s world:
    creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication
  • Interactive field trips for all ages
  • Workshop week for 5-8th grade
  • Overnight campouts for 5-8th grade


    Student writing conference with teacher Sean Kerrane.

  • Weekly all-school meeting run by 7-8th graders
  • Middle school business apprenticeships
  • Annual Kids’ Greenfest